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Synthetic textiles have been dominating the fashion scene for far too long. The environment is paying the price. The good news is, there are a number of sustainable alternatives in natural fibers and semi-synthetics.

There are three main groups of fibers used in clothing textiles:

  • synthetic
  • semi-synthetic
  • and natural fibers.
how is silk fabric made mulberry worm

Silk Fabric

Silk fabric is made from silk fiber. Silk fiber is...
hemp fiber used in clothing

Hemp Clothing

Hemp clothing is an extremely durable and comfortable natural...
organic cotton fabric clothing

Cotton Fabric

Cotton fabric is made from cotton fiber. Cotton fiber is...
eucalyptus is sustainably harvested to make lyocell tencel fabric

Semi-Synthetic Fabric: Rayon, Modal, Lyocell, & Cupro

Rayon fabric, modal fabric, lyocell fabric (Tencel), and Cupro...
PET water bottles can be made into polyester fabric

What Is Polyester Fabric?

In short, polyester is plastic. Polyester fabric is a...
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What Is Acrylic Fabric?

Acrylic fabric is made with plastic threads. The plastic threads...
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Polyamide Fabric and Nylon Fabric

Polyamide fabric, also known as nylon fabric, is made...
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The Differences Between Synthetic, Semi-synthetic, & Natural Fibers

Ever wonder what's in your clothes? Why one shirt...