If you’re looking to invest in luxury sustainable fashion pieces that will have a low impact on the environment, last longer in your closet, are made from high quality natural materials, and be pieces you are proud of for years (and maybe decades) to come, look no further. I’ve listed the most sustainable luxury fashion brands for you here.

A bigger price tag doesn’t necessarily mean the boot, belt, bag, or coat is made from better materials than its replica at a fast fashion store. It also doesn’t mean that it will last you for seasons to come. Recently, when searching for a coat in which to invest, I came across page after page of coats made with synthetic fabrics, all in the $500+ range. These were designer coats with both outer materials and linings all woven from different plastic fibers. At the designer price tag, it’s not enough to demand a quality design, the materials and longevity of the item need to meet luxury standards as well.

I researched the sustainable luxury fashion designers listed here to determine each brand’s:

  • use of natural fibers and materials
  • attention to dyeing processes
  • conservation of natural resources (water, energy, etc.)
  • leather use and processing
  • messaging around the importance of sustainability in fashion

So take a look at the list below and shop with confidence. Then, check out our guides on how to sustainably care for your luxury items: how to clean silk & dry cleaning alternatives.

The Most Sustainable Luxury Fashion Designers

One of the luxury fashion designer groups pushing itself to the forefront of sustainable fashion developments is the Kering Group. Not only is the Kering Group outlining and meeting its own sustainability goals, but the group has developed a system for other fashion companies to follow as well. The EP&L (Environmental Profit & Loss) is a tool that companies can use to examine the effects of their product along the entirety of the product’s lifespan. Kering has made the EP&L analysis available to any brand or consumer who wants to learn more.

The Kering Group – Sustainable Luxury Designers

Bottega Veneta


Saint Laurent


Alexander McQueen







Ulysse Nardin


Kering Eyewear

Stella McCartney – A Sustainable Luxury Fashion Forerunner

The Stella McCartney brand is committed to exploring, celebrating, and facilitating the symbiotic relationship of humans, animals, and nature. Careful to craft environmentally sound and long lasting pieces, the Stella McCartney brand lives by the ideal, “luxury does not mean landfill – it means forever.”

Shop Stella McCartney

Read the Stella McCartney Sustainability Plan

Burberry – A Big Brand with Big Initiative

Burberry is committing to a sustainability plan that has them operating a carbon neutral business by 2022. The Burberry sustainability plan also holds accountable all partners along their supply chain.

Shop Burberry

Read the Burberry Sustainability Plan

Mara Hoffman – Celebrate Responsibly

Since 2015, the Mara Hoffman brand has been operating with two main principles: to celebrate women through color and design and to adhere to social and environmental responsibilities. You can see for yourself that they’re doing just that.

Shop Mara Hoffman

Read the Mara Hoffman Sustainability Plan

Maggie Marilyn

Maggie Marilyn Hewitt founded her brand with sustainability and fair trade practices in the forefront of her mission, not as an afterthought. Check out Maggie Marilyn for bold and flirty styles in luxurious silks, organic cotton, and merino wool.

Shop Maggie Marilyn

Read the Maggie Marilyn Sustainability Plan


For the perfect jean, head straight to RE/DONE. Bringing life back to classic, quality denim, with the intention to stay in your closet for a lifetime, this brand just may be the definition of sustainable fashion. RE/DONE will also outfit the rest of your closet with tees, dresses, bodysuits, and knits in cotton, wool, and cashmere. RE?DONE offers sustainable fashion in both Men’s and Women’s lines.


Read the RE/DONE Sustainability Plan

Laura Siegel

Laura Siegel employs artisans from around the world to create pieces that define relaxed luxury. These handmade pieces are created with sustainable fabrics and will leave you in awe of the talented artisans.

Shop Laura Siegel

Read the Laura Siegel Sustainability & Ethics Philosophy

Ermenegildo Zegna

Zegna is an authority in craftsmanship. A trusted name in menswear, tailoring bespoke suits and crafting leather goods, Zegna has established their own vertical, and a transparent one at that.

Shop Zegna

Read the Ermenegildo Zegna Responsibility Philosophy

We’d love to hear from you! If you represent or know of a sustainable luxury fashion brand that should be included in this list, feel free to get in contact or just drop it in the comments below.

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