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Natural clothing provides a number of health benefits that are compromised by synthetic clothing. Natural clothing (like that made with cotton, silk, hemp, linen, or lyocell to name a few) allows your skin to breathe, with better absorption, temperature regulation, and often antimicrobial properties. Unlike synthetic fabrics (like polyester, nylon, and acrylic) natural fiber fabrics will stay fresher and keep you feeling and smelling cleaner longer. Further, as plastics, synthetic fabrics are more prone to absorb toxins. We'll discuss these points and more in the included articles. We address issues regarding personal health, such as the best fabric for your underwear, as well as health effects on a larger scale, examining communities affected by farming pesticides and processing plant chemicals.

Cleaner Alternatives to Dry Cleaning

Is dry cleaning sustainable? TLDR: no. The process of dry cleaning is neither dry nor clean. Chemicals used in conventional dry cleaning are extremely...
natural underwear and your health

The Top 3 Healthy Benefits of Natural Underwear

Skivvies, undies, underwear, under-roos, panties, boxers or briefs, chonies, neglige, unmentionables - whatever you call them, we all want the same things from our...
polyester clothing odor

Why do I smell bad when I wear polyester fabric?

Asking for a friend... Have you ever been interrupted by a sudden whiff of stinky body odor while you're rushing to work, a date, or the yoga...