Ok – you’re ready to go au naturale – but don’t know where to buy. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites and reviewed them for you below. If you’re looking for the full list, check out our Natural Clothing Directory.

We’ve run each of the following companies through our Natural Clothing standards. These standards include requirements for environment, health, and society. We paid attention to the sustainability of the principle materials used – from source, to processing, to article lifetime longevity, and eventually biodegradability. We paid attention to how healthy the products offered are for you to be wearing and washing. And finally, we considered each company’s ethical standards for the chain of supply and manufacturing for their product.

Our favorite natural clothing shops

Marine Layer


Men’s, Women’s

Great to find: inner wear, outerwear, underwear, swimwear, & blingwear (jewelry)

Our favorite item:  anything they’ve done with their amazing micro modal – oh and the shipping & returns (because they’re free)

Pay attention to: textile composition – not all clothing and accessories are natural

Marine Layer has a super fun story and we’re a fan of anyone developing and using modal and lyocell responsibly. They have a great range of products and a fun, forward thinking attitude, with a cool breezy beechy style (see what happened there?). Just make sure to check the product descriptions for a full rundown of the material composition. Unfortunately, they’re not always sustainable/ethical, which is why we couldn’t give them a full 10.

Buck Mason



Great to find: button downs, tees, jeans, hats, & accessories

Our favorite item: you can’t really take a wrong turn with Buck Mason, they have an aesthetic and quality that you can’t wear down

These kings of men’s basics design their products to have long lifespans. Their pieces are thoughtfully designed and crafted, using textile mills and manufacturers that they source locally for production. Using mostly cotton and lyocell, their clothes are soft and long lasting.



Men’s, Women’s

Great to find: shooooes, shoes, shoes, purses, weekender bags, wallets, accessories, & jewelry

Nisolo offers beautiful shoes, accessories, bags, and jewelry with classic lines that will be long-lasting in your collection. Their products are high quality and reasonably priced. We just wish they had a soft goods line! All leather products are tanned using sustainable methods (vegetable tanning) and the leather is sourced from farmers who use ethical raising practices. All jewelry is made with non-chemically treated and up cycled brass. Nisolo has a very thoughtful and involved supply chain, that you can learn more about on their website linked above.

PACT Organic


Men’s, Women’s, Baby, & Toddler

Great to find: underwear, loungewear, & basics

Our favorite item: the men’s long johns

Pay attention to: sizing guide measurements, textile composition, & look for certification logos on each product

PACT offers clothing made with organic cotton and products certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard as well as the Fair Trade Organization. Most of PACT’s products are nearly all cotton with just a touch of elastane for stretch. Unfortunately, some tights and items with more stretch are made with nylon and some products also include polyester – though recycled polyester! But overall, we like their message and mission.

Krochet Kids Intl.


Men’s, Women’s, Kids’

Great to find: the full gamut of clothing, accessories, hats, bags

Our favorite item: Aria dress in organic

Pay attention to: textile composition

Though Krochet Kids Intl. has the ethics side down pat and cool classic styles that have the potential to stay in your wardrobe for years, they don’t always use the most sustainable and low impact textiles. But as of February they do have an organic cotton line. And – each item is hand signed by the person who made it! Check them out.

Nomads Hemp Wear


Men’s, Women’s, Kids’

Great to find: underwear, athleisure, low impact sports & yoga bras, shoes

Our favorite item: the Vinyasa Bra

Nomads Hemp Wear shows us the softer and extremely versatile side of hemp fabric. They also have a fantastic collection of vegetable dyed handmade leather shoes. There are some great yoga finds at Nomads Hemp Wear.




Great to find: beautifully designed pieces with classic lines that you’ll want to keep in your closet forever

SiiZu is a thoughtful brand from start to finish. Utilizing elegant lines and manufacturing processes to eliminate scrap material, they create pieces that are easy on the eyes and environment. SiiZu is fully committed to using 100% sustainable fabrics including: cotton, wool, cashmere, silk, tencel, and linen. Not to mention, 10% is donated to planting trees.

Unraveling Threads


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