I am thrilled to announce that my book is available now – Unraveling Threads: How to have a sustainable wardrobe in the age of plastic fabric. The book can be purchased on Amazon and read via Kindle or the free Kindle App which is supported on most devices. And now, for a limited time, Unraveling Threads is available for free for those subscribed to Kindle Unlimited.

Unraveling Threads untangles the opacity of the clothing industry, laying out the basics explaining how anyone can have a more sustainable wardrobe.

This thorough and fact filled book addresses every angle of your clothing: how it’s made, how to make it last longer, how to care for it using sustainable methods, and how to get rid of it. Unraveling Threads outlines the problems that our habits of hyper-consumerism and over-production have created and then presents a number of solutions that are easy to incorporate into our everyday lives.

This book includes:

  • how to buy better clothing to benefit your health and the environment
  • simple tricks to help your clothing last longer in your closet
  • how to sustainably wash your clothing using methods that will save you time & money
  • the science behind how fossil fuels become the shirt on your back or the socks on your feet
  • how you can reduce your plastic consumption and waste through your clothing
  • the benefits of wearing natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, or linen
  • the world economy has the potential to gain a staggering amount of wealth, should the apparel industry shift its current practices to sustainable practices
  • the best ways to responsibly dispose of your clothing – surprisingly donating clothing is not as beneficial as it seems
  • exciting and surprising developments in bioengineering that will help carry the apparel industry forward in a sustainable way

This eye opening sustainable clothing guide is a must read for anyone who buys, washes, or wears clothing.

This book will help you understand that keeping a sustainable wardrobe is easy. It will also help you understand the importance and immediacy of a few simple habit changes.

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I hope you enjoy!

Unraveling Threads


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