Natural Clothing is researched and written by Camille Scheidt.

The idea for started one day simply enough when my beau asked if he should buy a certain shirt. I kindly discouraged him with, ‘Blech gross – it’s polyester. It’s plastic, it’s made out of oil, and it’ll make you stink’. He was shocked and thought everyone should know this. And here we are!

I wish communicating the importance of clothing on a global scale could be as simple as our conversation that day. There’s real urgency in our world today to address climate change, pollution levels, and the treatment of workers in the apparel industry. By creating this resource, I hope to incite constructive and informed conversations about clothing. The current status quo of the apparel industry is not sustainable – not from an economic nor an environmental standpoint. Yes, retailers and producers need to make better and design better, but consumers need to buy better too. This revolution needs to come from both the suppliers and the demanders. So I’m here to help consumers clarify their demands.

The fashion industry has always intrigued me. While growing up I would alter and make my own clothes and pillage thrift stores and rummage sales for the funkiest finds possible. Fashion fascinates me not just as an aesthetic, but because it’s a cultural pillar that everyone partakes in whether willingly or obliviously. We all take part, whether we’re buying couture or wearing a $5 t-shirt from the gas station. It’s now time we take responsibility for our part. It’s time we buy less, buy better, and wear natural clothing.


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